PU-W-ST wall sandwich panel (polyurethane core)

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The rigid polyurethane foam core provides excellent thermal insulation for buildings. This comes from an excellent thermal conductivity coefficient, λ = 0.022, unparalleled by any mineral wool or EPS sandwich panel. 

Superior thermal insulating efficiency

The Balex Metal polyurethane-core (PIR) sandwich panels boast high thermal insulation performance. The lambda is just 0.022 (W/mK), making the sandwich panels superior to other thermal insulating products in its class.

High fire integrity

Provided by the unique double-sided profile for the panel-to-lock contact.

A choice of designs

The panels provide a very neat and appealing finish. The large selection of profiling patterns, the wide colour palette, and the high durability of the corrosion protection coatings ensure that the wall panels remain a preferred choice for projects intended to last for years, all with a modern and sophisticated finish.

Easy installation

The carefully-designed joint lock profile, the lengthwise groove, and tapered inner contact edges assist in the very quick laying of the panels.

Applications & Inspirations

The Balex Metal sandwich panels are both a cladding and thermal insulation product for industrial buildings. The sandwich panels can be used to build perimeter and partition walls, or as a light-weight façade cladding. The sandwich panels are a good solution for constructing and finishing a variety of projects:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Office and administration
  • Sports and athletics

The sandwich panels can be used to construct walls and partitions in warehouses, large stores, manufacturing buildings, logistic hubs, food stores, sports facilities, and more.


Name PU-W-ST wall sandwich panels with a polyurethane core, with exposed fasteners
Core Rigid polyurethane foam, PIR / density: 40 (+/-3) kg/m3
Cladding thickness [mm] 0.40 / 0.50 / 0.60 / 0.70        
Steel grade S250GD - S280GD, stainless steel (1.4301) (inner cladding)
Coats SP Polyester 25 μm, SP Polyester Mat Pearl 35 μm, HDP Polyester Mat, Food Safe PVC(F), Aluzinc+Easyfilm, CESAR PUR 55 μm 
Effective width [mm] 1100        
Overall width [mm] 1120        
 Panel length [mm] 2000 to 18000
Core thickness [mm] 40 50 60 80 100    
Weight [kg/m2]  10.26 10.58 11.08 11.79 12.60    
Insulating efficiency, UC [W/m2K] 0.59 0.44 0.36 0.27 0.22
Fire resistance - - EI15
External fire performance FR*
Reaction to fire B-s2,d0


  Panel length  Panel side  Cladding thickness [mm] Profiling** Coat
  min. [mm] max. [mm] SP Polyester SP Polyester Mat Pearl CESAR PUR PVC(F) Aluzinc Stainless steel


outer 0.40 / 0.50 / 0.60 / 0.70 L / M / C / G x  x x  x
  inner 0.40 / 0.50 / 0.60 / 0.70 L / G  x  x  x  x

**Profiling abbreviations:

L - Lined
M - Microprofiling
R - Grooving
G - Plain
T - Box profile
C - Clearline
S - Softline

Panel joint detail

Exposed lock

Panel cross-section

Cladding profile types

Lined (L)

Outer cladding
Inner cladding

Micro-profile (M)

Outer cladding

Plain (G)

Outer cladding
Inner cladding

available for cladding thicknesses of 0.50 mm or higher

Clearline (C)

Outer cladding

available for cladding thicknesses of 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm


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Premium coats

Cesar PUR: polyurethane + polyamide

pure white 9010

copper brown 8004

jet black 9005

chocolate brown 8017

anthracite grey 7016

silver metalic 9006

grey aluminium 9007

oxide red 3009

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Organic coats

SP Polyester

pure white 9010

copper brown 8004

grey brown 8019

moss green 6005

jet black 9005

chocolate brown 8017

red brown 8012

brown red 3011

graphite grey 7024

anthracite grey 7016

light grey 7035

chrome green 6020

coral red 3016

light ivory 1015

flame red 3000

reseda green 6011

silver metalic 9006

gentian blue 5010

signal yellow 1003

grey aluminium 9007

grey white 9002

window grey 7040

basalt grey 7012

telegrey 4 7047

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Organic coats

SP Polyester Matt Pearl

copper brown 8620M

jet black 9005M

brown red 3301M

graphite grey 7591M

anthracite grey 7016M

chrome green 6490M

chocolate brown 8637M

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Metallic coats


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PU PIR Hygiene Certificate: polyurethane core sandwich panel (EN) (580.33 KB)
Declaration of Performance: Polyurethane sandwich panel (EN)(201.79 KB)
Declaration of Performance: Annex 1: PU-W-ST (EN)(312.86 KB)
Product Catalogue: Commercial and agricultural construction (EN)(4.91 MB)
Technical Catalogue: Flashing & accessories (sandwich panels) (EN)(2.85 MB)
Technical Catalogue: Sandwich panels (PU) (EN)(3.99 MB)
Design files - PU-W-ST sandwich panel (polyurethane core) (EN)(4.94 MB)
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