ZET modular buildings

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ZET modular buildings are highly versatile framework structures for all purposes.
The modular architecture ensures that ZET modular buildings are customisable to suit the intended use and floor area.
Added value comes from the fast and hassle-free assembly process.

A swift and budget-friendly construction process

The ZET modular building is based on prefabricated components, which are ready for installation.

Easy assembly

Learn all about the building installation process by watching our 7-minutes long video tutorial.

Removable structure

A ZET modular building can be disassembled and then reassembled at a different location.

Fully customisable

The modular design allows the addition of multiple extensions, any time you need them.

Applications & Inspirations

  • Building framework
  • Industrial & commercial buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Warehousing

Reference items

Garage: ZET modular building with sandwich panels


Horse farm



Name ZET modular buildings
Material Cold-formed Z-bars from galvanised strips
Framework design The ZET shapes are fastened with batten plates to form multi-branched components. The beams are joined with standardised steel fasteners.
Building width [m] 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18
Frame module spacing [m] 4,50
Building length Modular length (4.50 m) multiple
Wall fixing spacing [m] 1,18
Purlin spacing [m] 1,19
Side wall height [m] from 3.10 to 4.60
Roof ridge height from 4.10 to 7.88
Roof slope 20°
Available ZET modular building sizing options
H — service wall height TYPE B — building width
6 m 8 m 10 m 12 m 15 m 18 m
4.60 m 45 - + + + + +
4.10 m 40 - + + + + +
3.60 m 35 + + + + - -
3.10 m 30 + - - - - -

H1 — roof ridge height
over the side wall

+1.09m +1.46m +1.82m +2.18m +2.73m +3.28m
h — reduced usable height 9.80m 9.80m 9.80m 11.80m 11.80m 11.80m

Diagram of ZET modular building scheme


B — building width
L — frame modular spacing
H — building height
h — reduced usable height
H1 — roof ridge height over the side wall

Example of a ZET modular building cladding

Sandwich panels

Each ZET modular building can be clad in Balex Metal sandwich panels, with a polyurethane, mineral wool or EPS core.

The panels are fastened with self-tapping screws driven into the beams or the purlins.
A roof or other roofing system built using ready-to-use panels makes the building ready for immediate use when the construction is complete.

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Installation Manual: ZET 6 modular buildings (PL)(2.36 MB)
Installation Manual: ZET 8 modular buildings (PL)(2.67 MB)
Installation Manual: ZET 10 modular buildings (PL)(2.04 MB)
Installation Manual: ZET 12 modular buildings (PL)(1.77 MB)
Installation Manual: ZET 15 modular buildings (PL)(1.91 MB)
Installation Manual: ZET 18 modular buildings (PL)(2.1 MB)
Product Catalogue: Commercial and agricultural construction (EN)(4.91 MB)
Information Folder: ZET modular buildings (PL)(1.28 MB)
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