Balex Metal offers new profiles of sandwich panels. Clearline and Double Clearline will give a fresh, modern look to any wall surface.

Clearline and Double Clearline are another type of cladding profiling that will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. They are available for sandwich panels with a PIR core as well as with a mineral wool core.

Clearline - smooth, perfect surface with a characteristic groove

Clearline is the smooth surface of the outer cladding of a sandwich panel. A characteristic, slightly sharpened groove runs through its center. Therefore, covering a larger wall area with a sandwich panel with Clearline profiling gives the buildings a modern and minimalist look.

What is the difference between Double Clearline and Clearline profiling?

Double Clearline has two slightly sharpened grooves. They cut the smooth surface of the board into three equal parts. By covering the entire wall surface with the Double Clearline profiled panels, we get an equally modern but more expressive pattern. It gives a sophisticated character to the wall surface - smooth with regular indentations.

New profiles are available for boards with increased attributes

Clearline or Double Clearline can be used for buildings that require mineral wool core panels with additional requirements:

  • increased acoustic parameters,
  • very good fire resistance,
  • additional anti-burglary resistance,
  • increased aesthetic standards thanks to the hidden fastening.

Clearline and Double Clearline in combination with the best thermal insulation material

Buildings that need the best thermal insulation solutions may also have a new look. That is why both profiles - Clearline and Double Clearline - are available in the offer of sandwich panels with a core of polyurethane foam.

Panels with a PIR core provide the best insulation parameters. Maintaining a constant temperature, regardless of external weather conditions, is the highest requirement for the most specialized facilities. That is why even large-scale buildings with the function of a cold store and a freezer can be realized - in the highest technology and the best visual style.

Check out the whole range of profiles that you can choose for sandwich panels with a PIR core and a mineral wool core:

New solutions and the highest environmental standards

We are still looking for new solutions - technological, assembly, and aesthetic - that will satisfy our customers. At the same time, the ecological aspect is behind every novelty introduced to the Balex Metal offer. The company's research and development area is focused on sustainability and environmental protection. That is why we try to act in such a way as to minimize CO2 emissions, and the products we implement must always definitely contribute to the reduction of pollution.

Balex Metal sandwich panels have not only the certificates that are directly required by law. The obtained Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) proves that our boards meet the highest standards in terms of the product's environmental impact at every stage of its life.

Balex Metal sandwich panels meet the highest standards during the entire "product life cycle":

  • from obtaining materials,
  • through the production of plates,
  • their transport and assembly,
  • use, disposal, and recycling.