Every day we receive news about subsequent ecological disasters, droughts, fires, polluted air and seas, and endangered animal species. Unfortunately, we have moved to the agenda that it is so, just like that? We hear but do we react? We see, but are we trying to change the reality that surrounds us?

For some time we have been asking ourselves questions about our attitude and responsibilities - as people and as a Balex Metal organization. Questions began to multiply, then turned in dialogue - all the more valuable - because it covers the whole Kingspan Group. This is how the idea was created, which turned into a very ambitious program - Planet Passionate!

Speaking of Planet Passionate, we would like to emphasize that this is an idea that is supposed to change us all and the image of the surrounding environment. This is not an ordinary project to be carried out, but specific tasks and goals that we can only achieve in cooperation with YOU - Customers, Partners, Contractors, and Balex Metal Suppliers.

Because we want you to find out that Planet Passionate are real and important matters that will translate into the condition of our planet - let's talk about our first common task!

Take this challenge!

Let's reduce the amount of waste produced! - What is the way to do this? The most effective and the simplest - together we limit our packaging needs.

From April 27, 2020, we are giving up the application of a protective film on the inner cladding of sandwich panels. The production of Balex Metal sandwich panels will now be a standard with one foil on the outside.

Still, in justified cases, it will be possible to order 2 protective films: from the outside (standard) and from the inside (additionally). However, we ask everyone to understand and undertake the common task of reducing the amount of waste produced and reducing the level of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

We would like to ensure that one layer of the protective film is sufficient for the safe transport of panels. It separates the panels in the package well enough. In addition, the foil never fulfilled the function of protecting the lining against mechanical damage. These types of damage, if they occur, most often occur during the implementation of other construction or finishing works.

Please remember that the protective film should be removed no later than within 2 months from the date of manufacture of the sandwich panel – one foil instead of two means 50% less risk of forgetting this activity and difficulties in removing the vulcanized foil.

In case of doubt related to the reduction of the internal protective film, Balex Metal Sales Representatives will provide detailed information. You can also ask us questions by email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Let's care for the environment together!
Will you accept this challenge? – More are waiting!