Balex Metal sandwich panels

Balex Metal sandwich panels

Choose the sandwich panels with the core that fits your project: 
- budget-friendly EPS; 
- fire-resistant mineral wool; 
-polyurethane, the superior thermal insulating material.

Thermano thermal insulation

Thermano thermal insulation

Thermal insulation made from Thermano panels with a Lambda value of 0.023 is more than a simple alternative to mineral wool or EPS.

Box profile sheet

Box profile sheet

Curtain and structural box profile sheet is an all-round material for many different solutions. The wide selection of box profiles helps choose the right version for your project:

  • wall cladding, canopies and fences
  • warehouse buildings and light-weight structures
  • roofing with superior strength performance.
Zenit roof gutter system

Zenit roof gutter system

Choose a roof guttering designed by roofers:

  • exceptionally strong
  • corrosion-resistant
  • quick installation
High-quality steel roofing

High-quality steel roofing

A great range of profiles and colour options for everyone to find their perfect roof style:

  • unique designs
  • universal sizing for easy installation
  • solutions for homes and buildings with large roof slopesh
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Balex Metal

Welcome to the official website of Balex Metal.

We are the manufacturer of sandwich panels, steel sheet tiles, thermal insulation solutions, cold-formed shapes, gutter systems and structural sheet metal.

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