Balex Metal sandwich panels

Choose the sandwich panels with the core that fits your project:
- budget-friendly EPS;
- fire-resistant mineral wool;
-polyurethane, the superior thermal insulating material.

Thermano thermal insulation

Thermal insulation made from Thermano panels with a Lambda value of 0.023 is more than a simple alternative to mineral wool or EPS.

Zenit, the modern roof gutter system

Experienced roofing masters were involved at every stage of the design process of Zenit guttering. Listening to their remarks and suggestions, we have designed a reliable water drainage system that can be rapidly assembled. Its reliability is best expressed with the principle: assemble and forget.

Balex Metal box profile sheet

A universal and light-weight roofing material must feature superior strength. The box profile sheet provides just that, while a wide selection of box profile types helps you choose the right solution for the load-bearing capacity of your project.

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