Balex Metal sandwich panels

Balex Metal sandwich panels

Choose the sandwich panels with the core that fits your project: 
- fire-resistant mineral wool; 
-polyurethane, the superior thermal insulating material.

Thermano thermal insulation

Thermano thermal insulation

Thermal insulation made from Thermano panels with a Lambda value of 0.023 is more than a simple alternative to mineral wool or EPS.

Box profile sheet

Box profile sheet

Curtain and structural box profile sheet is an all-round material for many different solutions. The wide selection of box profiles helps choose the right version for your project:

  • wall cladding, canopies and fences
  • warehouse buildings and light-weight structures
  • roofing with superior strength performance.
Zenit roof gutter system

Zenit roof gutter system

Choose a roof guttering designed by roofers:

  • exceptionally strong
  • corrosion-resistant
  • quick installation
High-quality steel roofing

High-quality steel roofing

A great range of profiles and colour options for everyone to find their perfect roof style:

  • unique designs
  • universal sizing for easy installation
  • solutions for homes and buildings with large roof slopesh
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Balex Metal

Welcome to the official website of Balex Metal.

We are the manufacturer of sandwich panels, steel sheet tiles, thermal insulation solutions, cold-formed shapes, gutter systems and structural sheet metal.

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A beekeeper from Balex Metal Planet passionate people - a beekeeper from Balex Metal

A year ago, we established the first company apiary on the premises of Balex Metal production plant in Bolszewo. About 500,000 bees inhabited five black-and-red hives. This way, we wanted to support nature, of which bees are a very important element. Their situation is becoming difficult because the areas where they can live and work freely are regularly reduced, and the bees unfortunately die. Hence the...

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Zero-emission cars at Balex Metal Zero-emission cars at Balex Metal

Carbon neutrality is one of the main tasks we have set ourselves as part of the Planet Passionate program. That is why we want to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions in 2030.

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PIR Light wall sandwich panel is an excellent product for those who are looking for a good insulator at an affordable price. The economical version of wall sandwich panel

PIR Light wall sandwich panel is an excellent product for those who are looking for a good insulator at an affordable price. 

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Phishing - Balex Metal communique

Dear Customers! Recently, some of you have been subjected to phishing attempt to extort money.Such actions are criminal and prosecuted by legal authorities.

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Balex Metal sandwich panels in new profiling

Balex Metal offers new profiles of sandwich panels. Clearline and Double Clearline will give a fresh, modern look to any wall surface.

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Elegant 2.0 an improved version of the well-known system

Elegant 2.0 is an improved version of its predecessor - the proven Elegant system. When designing the panel, technical comments from many contractors were also taken into account. That is why it is extremely easy to install.

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