Houses connect the sky to the land

We know a lot about roofing solutions, sandwich panels, or thermal insulation, but never enough inspiration. Therefore, remaining faithful to our passion, which allows us to design proven roofs together with roofers, we also support the passion of others.

Mateusz Syrek decided to travel the world by bike, documenting his trip in detail for at least four years. While this journey, we asked Mateusz to devote more attention to architecture and construction materials typical for different regions. That is how the new series Houses of the World was created.

Before setting off into the world, our traveler worked for five years for one of the largest travel agencies, Thomas Cook. Cook invented the tourism business 180 years ago by organizing the first train journey from one city to another. Routine work in the office was not what Mateusz dreamed of, so he decided to set off on a ride having only his bike as a companion.

What were the intentions of the journey, and how long will it take? You can read it in the interview: It may be different. Why Houses of the World.

For over a quarter of a century, we have been present on the market of building materials manufacturers, providing solutions for industrial, residential, and agricultural construction. We treat the subject of sustainable development, including sustainable construction, very seriously. Therefore we implement the Planet Passionate sustainable development program ourselves, which you can read about HERE.

We are pleased to observe the changing preferences of our society, which is more ecologically aware and more often uses energy-saving and ecological products. Apart from the modernization of old buildings, we can also see that the design of new buildings has a key role. It includes the entire concept of the building that affects its ecological aspect. A well-thought-out project impacts the cost of construction works. The designer should work to avoid the negative impact on the natural surrounding - from the construction of the building to its demolition and disposal of waste. Since buildings are complex products consisting of various materials, the right choice has a reflection on the status of the building ecology.

Most of the buildings presented in the Houses of the World Series were made from environmentally friendly materials. The idea of sustainable construction is to use renewable plant-based materials (bamboo, stone, lumber, recovered metals), thinking about tomorrow’s world. Tomorrow not only means what stays for us but also what the next day will look like. By watching the Houses of the World series, we understand it better than ever.

Traditional house Joglo

Location: Java, one of the islands belonging to Indonesia
City: Yogyakarta, shortly Yogay, located in the central part of Java at the bottom of the Merapi volcano
Construction: A house for one thousand five hundred zlotych was the total cost to build it, or rather to move it from the rice field, 3 hours away by scooter, to one of the streets of Yogyakarta in Java.

Traditional Balinese house

Location:Bali, the island of a thousand temples, belongs to Indonesia
Construction: Of a young couple who live in paradise and own a brick, traditional house. Looking at the horizon is an activity worth repeating from this place. A house full of objects with a soul, from recycled materials mostly.

Indonesian houses full of architectural fantasy

This time Mateusz will show us palaces like from a fairy-tale. Although one belongs to very wealthy owners, and the other does not, each home was built with great imagination. The tastes are certainly not discussed, but it is worth seeing these magical buildings.

Bamboo an excellent construction material

The woody stem of bamboo resembles a tree, although bamboo is grass. It grows very fast, even 1.5m a day! It releases approx. 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees, and absorbs much more carbon dioxide. Bamboo has a lot of additional advantages - it can be grown even in poor soil. It is flexible and practically fireproof, which makes it a fantastic construction material.

~ This would be the case if I wandered through the wilderness, while in Asia the problem is an excess of friends, i.e. dozens of invitations a day for coffee, for dinner, for a while, for a selfie.

Marta Kołodziejczak, the leader of the Planet Passionate project at Balex Metal talks to Mateusz Syrek, a traveler who carries out a series of documentaries Houses of the World.

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