Elegant 2.0 is an improved version of its predecessor - the proven Elegant system. When designing the panel, technical comments from many contractors were also taken into account. That is why it is extremely easy to install.

Time for another application of PIR panels for thermal insulation. Thermano Floor is a product that will surely win the hearts of many designers, builders, and installers. And users will gain not only an insulator with excellent parameters but also great attributes of the material intended for floors, walls, and ceilings in the formwork structure.

Balex Metal presents another new product - PIR Fiberglass roof sandwich panel - a solution that is particularly important for customers in the agricultural industry.

PIR Fiberglass is one of the most practical and usable roof sandwich panels. It is used for roofing buildings where the load-bearing capacity parameters are not the only and the most important utility indicator.

Every day we receive news about subsequent ecological disasters, droughts, fires, polluted air and seas, and endangered animal species. Unfortunately, we have moved to the agenda that it is so, just like that? We hear but do we react? We see, but are we trying to change the reality that surrounds us?

No contact – impossible! There are a million ways to keep in touch! #Action Communication! Balex Metal Team is always on-line, ready to get in touch with you!

The International Construction and Architecture Fair Budma 2020 begins on February 4th.This year, we have prepared a lot of new products – welcome to  get acquainted  with Balex Metal 2020 offer, i.a

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