Anyone can help the Planet
Due to human activity, we feel the changes taking place in the climate every day. Only 2 ° C separates us from the tipping point. If we do not reduce greenhouse gases and stop the temperature rise, the changes may already be irreversible. Environmental pollution and endangered animal species are a closed circle that must be stopped immediately. That's why we need to act! That is a common challenge that we must face together!

Planet Passionate, what are we aiming for?

1. Energy
  • We want to achieve zero net energy consumption by 2030.
  • We will produce our renewable energy at the level of 20%.
  • Our goal is also to install photovoltaic panels in all Balex Metal locations.
2. Carbon dioxide
  • We want to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030.
  • We are striving to make the Balex Metal fleet zero-emission already in 2025.
  • We are committed to halving the CO2 generated when delivering supplies to our partners
3. Circularity
  • Our priority is also circular waste management. Everyone at Balex Metal will play a huge role in the implementation of this plan.
  • Our manufacturing processes will become zero-waste by 2030.
  • Recycled PET bottles will be used in our production processes.
4. Water
  • We want to significantly influence the water-saving processes. Taking care of water resources is another of our commitments.
  • Rainwater collection will take place in all Balex Metal locations.
  • We have also become part of ambitious ocean clean-up projects.
Planet Passionate 2030, our vision

Fighting climate change, environmental protection and circular waste management are priority actions that must bring about a huge change in the way we operate within 10 years. The implementation of the sustainable development strategy is to serve the environment, us, and our generations. Planet Passionate is a vision that is to change all of us, and thus affect the image of the environment around us. It is not a dry project to be carried out, but specific tasks and goals that we can only achieve together.

Our initiatives

Planet Passionate Communities to support people and communities Planet Passionate Communities

Planet Passionate Communities is the philanthropic arm of our ambitious 10-year global sustainability programme, Planet Passionate.

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In 2025 the entire Balex Metal fleet will become zero-emission Zero-emission cars at Balex Metal

Carbon neutrality is one of the main tasks we have set ourselves as part of the Planet Passionate program. That is why we want to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions already in 2030. 

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We limit the amount of packaging film

Let's limit the amount of waste produced! - What's the way to do that? The most effective and the simplest - let's limit our packaging needs together.

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Recycling and green office

All employees of Balex Metal will take part in workshops on waste management in a closed circuit. Not only will we know the full course of the recycling process, but we will also learn how to segregate as much as possible.

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Partnerships within Planet Passionate

Supporting communities

The partnership with GOAL, the international humanitarian response agency, is to support their transformative work across the world while promoting our Planet Passionate sustainability goals. In collaboration with GOAL, we are providing expertise and products, along with financial contributions, to develop critical infrastructure in healthcare and education.

Protection of lions

Africa's lion population has dropped by as much as half over the past two decades. That's why the entire Kingspan Group works with the Born Free Foundation to help save these animals.

Ocean plastic clean-up

By 2025, we want to implement five debris clean-up projects from the oceans. As the first result, 180 tons of marine litter were collected in cooperation with the Ecoalf Foundation.