Toruń is not just about gingerbread, the city's university and Copernicus, it is also speedway. This is Motoarena in Toruń, one of the few speedway stadiums of this kind in the world.

Box profile sheets and roaring motorcycles

Gingerbread, university, Copernicus and... speedway? If you’re not into speedway, it’s probably not what comes to mind when you think about the city of Toruń.
Still, it is home to Motoarena, a modern speedway stadium.

If you still feel a bit confused, speedway is a motorcycle sport where they compete on a closed-loop, oval track. The bikes also have no brakes. Yes, this is extreme adrenaline for the riders and spectators alike.

Speedway is most popular in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Regular speedway competitions are also held in Argentina and South Africa.

A stadium to be proud of

Motoarena in Toruń is now probably the latest and most advanced speedway stadium in the world. It is dedicated to the sport, and the track design prevents other uses, like athletics or football. Motoarena was opened on 3 May 2009. On that day, the speedway championship winning team of Poland, Unibax Toruń, competed at home with the runner-up team, Unia Leszno. The hosting team won, but Leigh Adams of Unia Leszno was the first individual track record holder at Motoarena. However, before speedway fans could experience their first thrills at the new stadium, its builders had to provide them with good protection from the elements, with a canopy over the stands. And the stands are impressive: with a total capacity of 15,506 seated and 3,000 standing, the structure features a canopy suspended 34 metres above the ground, constructed using Balex Metal BTD50 curtain box profile sheet as the shell, provided by Balex Metal.

A rock-solid build

Curtain box profile sheet is a popular choice for non-insulated roofing structures. It is produced from steel sheet of the required thickness. A roofing made with curtain box profile sheet provides good shelter from the rain and snow when laid at the required slope. Today speedway events can take place at Motoarena with the spectators able to attend all year round. The low unit weight of curtain box profile sheet and the simple installation procedure reduce the construction time, so the Motoarena stadium canopy took little time and effort to build. If you want to experience the genuine thrill of speedway, visit Motoarena in Toruń or any other speedway stadium near you. And let the races pump up the adrenaline! The riders do 4 laps at high speed, and their struggles for the best line on the track leads to some epic cornering. Each rider attempts to take the inside line, close to the inner edge of the track, to reduce their lap length. The prize is well worth it: the total stake at a Grand Prix competition is one million U.S. dollars!

The most titled speedway clubs in Poland include Unia Leszno, Polonia Bydgoszcz, Stal Gorzów Wielkopolski, and ROW Rybnik. These are the teams which compete most often during league events. You do not have to wait until the next season to root for your favourite riders. There are recurring speedway championship and memorial competitions, with the tickets starting from just 10 PLN. For seasoned fans there are also season tickets, which are priced according to where in the stand you wish to be: from 200 to 1200 PLN.

Motoarena in figures

    15 506 people
    318 m

    62 m each

    31 m each

    - straights: 12 m
    - bends: 18 m

    -  straights: 4% (50 cm)
    - bends: 6-7% (110 cm)