The superior quality of the sandwich panels from Balex Metal is easily recognisable everywhere, including down under. Project owners from New Zealand have also decided to use our products to build a number of modular buildings.

Given their excellent thermal insulating performance and high durability, the PIR-core sandwich panels form ideal construction materials for production and storage buildings operating under the most demanding conditions.

It takes 6 weeks and 28,000 km on the sea for the panels to reach customers in New Zealand from the Balex Metal site in Bolszewo.

It would not be possible to sell sandwich panels to customers from countries this remote without the high confidence in the quality of our workmanship. Balex Metal has long been a leading manufacturer of sheet metal products in Central and Eastern Europe.

The latest addition to the product range is the innovative Thermano thermal insulation system, with polyurethane-core sandwich panels. These are already in growing demand and enjoying high acclaim from construction project owners, both at home and abroad. The heart of Thermano and its sandwich panels is PIR, or rigid polyisocyanurate foam.