No contact – impossible! There are a million ways to keep in touch! #Action Communication! Balex Metal Team is always on-line, ready to get in touch with you!


#Action Communication!


On Balex Metal FB always happens a lot! 90% of our posts are films of our own production! In addition, a lot of interesting infos and so involved community you can meet. It’s also worth to pop in and see BM webinar (every Wednesday at 10:00 am). Once a week, our expert - Jacek Łazuka - explains everything that interests you. You can discuss it with him and ask questions. And every Thursday a BM competition!

When the bell rings, it means that on YouTube/Balex Metal there is news  

Watch, comment, ask questions. Our playlist is full of valuable videos such as Everything about thermal insulation series, assembly instructions, references, comments, and opinions of customers & professionals. There are also many interesting workshops on our channel - live webinar every Thursday at 8:00 pm.

Share your experience, ask and comment. We are waiting for your opinion!


Let’s meet!

Are you far away? – Let’s meet! Let’s skype! Balex Metal Representatives are ready to talk via Skype for business. At any time, we can meet even in a very large group.

On Google, you'll find all Balex Metal branches.

We make sure that all information about our branches reaches you. In the event of important changes, all information about us is current in the Google Business Card.

You can not only check the addresses or phone numbers - but also ask a question and leave us feedback.

The website you are currently visiting –

Apart you can contact our representatives, we also give the opportunity to ask our experts directly. If you don't know how to install or choose the right materials? This contact will definitely be useful.

See you soon!
#Action Communication!