Zenit - a gutter designed by roofers.

Zenit - a gutter designed by roofers

Designed by people who know their roofs from their linings!

“For every roofer, guttering is a very -important element during roof assembly” says Patryk Klejna, who has been working in the roofing industry for 15 years. And it is hard to disagree with him.

A semi-open pipe mounted around the roof edge is one of the key elements in the house. Without a water-drainage system, moisture will easily penetrate into the house, creating  damp patches and accumulating pathogenic fungal deposits - and certainly none of us would want to allow this to happen. The fact that the British Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings organises National Gutters Day in November each year proves how important gutters are for the proper functioning of buildings. During this special day homeowners clean the gutters of leaves and needles, and repair any damage before winter.

The longest warranty on the market

There is no Gutter Day in Poland yet, but it is always worth taking care of this element. It is good to start by choosing a top-shelf product. One of these is the Zenit - premium guttering system, produced by Balex Metal. According to the specialists, the most-important feature of the Zenit gutter is its extraordinary strength. This is provided by its special polyurethane double-sided coating HDS35, backed up by a 40-year warranty, the longest on the Polish market.

Adam Byczkowski, from the Balex Metal product-development department, when asked about the most-important advantages of Zenit, does not hesitate to talk about the deep profile of the gutter. The right profile prevents water from overflowing over the gutter’s edge. version 33 (153 mm) supplied in the Zenit system for larger roofs drains more than one third of the water than the shallower profiles. Byczkowski also mentions the ver- reliable construction of the system. For example, the hooks, i.e. the brackets supporting the gutter, are made of flat bar. Therefore, the hook is very durable, so there is no risk of gutter breakage, even in heavy rain or snowfall. In addition, you can even stand on such a hook during the installation of the gutter. What is more important, Zenit is an enterprise of roofers, i.e. people who deal with roofs on a daily basis, and therefore know their roofs from their linings. The elements of the system are therefore perfectly matched to each other, and their installation does not require additional sealing.

This is emphasised by Patryk Klejna. “As far as the bottom of the Zenit system is concerned, it is very important that it does not require sealing, and is quick to install”. 

All you need to do is to connect the elements and... that’s it!

The Zenit system consists of the following components: internal/external corners, coupling with seal, gutters, footings, branching, elbows/spouts, drainpipes, long bracket hooks, front hooks, screw-on clamps.

Let us mention two more issues concerning the construction of the Zenit system. First of all, in order to seal the connection of the two gutters, the system uses a curl to act as a lock. This solution supports the operation of the couplings, thus reducing the risk of leakage. We must not forget about the branching, also called the drain funnel. This is a very-important element in the gutter, through which all the collected rainwater flows. It must therefore be strong and resistant to rust. To achieve this goal, galvanised steel is used on both sides and the entire construction is made of one piece of sheet metal. It is worth mentioning that for aesthetic reasons the seam has been hidden at the back. Zenit gutters perfectly withstand highly aggressive environments in terms of corrosion (up to C4). In addition, their assortment is interesting when it comes to colours - depending on individual preferences, they can be purchased in black, copper brown, chocolate brown, cherry, graphite, white, or silver-metal colour. They are perfect for residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings, both new and renovated.

From Slovakia to the world

The Zenit system is produced in Slovakia, in one of the plants of the Balexl Group. The picturesquely located plant was built between the Great and Small Fatra mountain ranges. Since 2011, the plant has been producing modern gutters and roofing accessories made of sheet metal. The work in the plant starts just after six o'clock in the morning. During the season, up to seven thousand metres of gutters are made in one shift - 15 metres per minute.