What is the best way to thermally improve our farm buildings, to maintain the best growing and breeding conditions while making significant savings on heating?


Smart homes are just a stepping stone on the road to smart cities. Bottrop, a small town in Germany, has been given a new lease of life and is now well on the way to its rebirth. An official decision was made to convert Bottrop from a former mining site into a green city of the future.

See how the Zenit-brand roof gutter system is made, inside out.  

The superior quality of the sandwich panels from Balex Metal is easily recognisable everywhere, including down under. Project owners from New Zealand have also decided to use our products to build a number of modular buildings.

You can't go any further north. Polish truckers on the road to Alta, a Norwegian town beyond the Arctic circle.

Between 28 and 29 November 2016, construction faculty students of the Zgierz High School Group attended a professional class and workshop course, held as a part of a project at the Balex Metal Construction Academy.

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