Structural box profile sheet


A lightweight and universal structural roofing material must feature the highest mechanical strength performance. Box profile sheets have this. The wide selection of profiles aids the choice of one to suit the load bearing specifications of your project.


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Name Structural box profile sheet
Steel grade S320GD
Sheet thickness [mm] 0.75 / 0.88 / 1.0 / 1.25 / 1.5*
Coat SP poliester 15 µm
Max. sheet length [mm] 15000
Special finish special DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating**

 *Applies to the BTR153 and BTR160 box profile sheets

**The special DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating prevents drips from condensation. The sheet metal with the DR!PSTOP system on the inside has an additional layer which holds the condensate for removal by a ventilation system beneath the sheet metal cladding. The DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating can absorb over 830 g of water per square metre Other advantages include: Water-washable High anti-bacterial resistance High fire resistance: Class A2-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1) Enhanced anti-corrosion protection Noise comfort (dampens the sound of rainfall, and mechanical noises inside the building)

Structural box profile sheet

BTR 50

BTR 60

BTR 85

BTR 93

BTR 135

BTR 153

BTR 160


Declarations and certificates

Hygiene Certificate: coated sheet products (EN)
Hygiene Certificate: coated sheet products (EN) (221.35 KB)
Declaration of Performance: Structural box profile sheet (EN)
Declaration of Performance: Structural box profile sheet (EN) (204.89 KB)

Design files

Balex BIM Structural trapezoidal sheets (2.21 MB)
Balex Design files trapezoidal profile details (3.42 MB)
Balex Design files trapezoidal profile drawings (1.31 MB)

General Terms & Conditions of Sales

General Sales Conditions
General Sales Conditions (294.85 KB)

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