Wijo Gutter system


Wijo is a durable and easy to install roof drainage system. It fits all types of roof and façade systems. The precision-made parts and high-quality coatings guarantee years of reliable operation, while maintaining a fresh and neat finish.

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Name Wijo coated steel gutters
Coat Prelaq Nova (HBP 35 μm)
Warranty 10 years at C1-C3
Steel grade DX51+Z275
Sheet thickness [mm] 0.60
Load rating class H (750 N)
Screw fixing suitability S
Gutter sizes (standard) [mm] 125/90; 150/100; 100/75*
Gutter length [mm] 4000
Tube length [mm] 3000

*Available in chocolate brown only.

WIJO roof gutter system components

The system consists of the following components:

1. gutter 2. gutter connector 3. internal / external corner 4. gutter gully 5. bend 6. downpipe extension 7. bend 8. downpipe 9. downpipe tee 10. rain water trap 11. downpipe spout 12. HRL 210 gutter hook 13. HRL 70 gutter hook* 14. compact gutter hook* 15. gutter cap, universal 16. gutter stay 17. downpipe clamp 18. ORSW downpipe clamp 19. downpipe inspection screen 20. rain water drainage reducer

*Recommended for sandwich panel substrates. **Two parts can be selected for the ORSW clamps: threaded or driven.


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