Aqmetal to Elegant System

The AQ Metal membrane is a special roofing membrane product for installation under a plain sheet metal skin. The AQ Metal protects sheet metal cladding against corrosion; the topside of the membrane is made with a reinforcing mat that provides an embossed drainage layer with a clearance from the sheet metal underside. The membrane is very strong and features a very good vapour breathability. The membrane can be installed on blind boarding.

The membrane is installed on a rigid base of boards or OSBs with the embossed texture on the top and in parallel to the eaves. To ensure proper drainage of water towards the eaves, each higher strip of the membrane must be laid with a 10 cm overlap of the lower strip.

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Designation  Aqmetal
 Mass [kg/m²]  400 (-10/+20 g)
 Plies  4
 Breakaway strength [N/5 cm], lengthwise  350 (± 60)
 Breakaway strength [N / 5 cm], crosswise  210 (-30/+60)
 Elongation at break [%], lengthwise  60 (±30)
 Elongation at break [%], crosswise  65 (-30/+40)
 SD: diffusion equivalent layer of air [m]  0.02 (-0.005/+0.02)
 Vapour permeability, MVTR Lyssy [g/m²/24h]  3,200 (± 400)
 Application temperature range [°C]  -40 to +80
 Resistance to permeation  Class W1
 UV stability  3 months
 Standard size in reel [m]  1.50 x 25
 Fire reaction class  F


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