Elegant 2.0 Standing seam panel


An iconic classic is one that never fades away. It continues to inspire contemporary architects.

Elegant 2.0 is an improved version of its predecessor. When designing the panel, we invited the best roofing masters to cooperate. Installation remarks of the best specialists combined with several years of experience in selling the Elegant panel gave the best quality result. The redesigned zipper undercuts and new profiles ensure the highest tightness, stiffness, and safety in the event of suction and wind pressure, heavy rain, or hail.

The Elegant 2.0 panel, both as a roof and a facade in modules of 300 and 510 mm, beautifully emphasizes the shape of buildings in both modern and traditional styles.

Elegant 2.0 system is characterized by:

  • Special profiling of the panels ensuring stiffness and resistance to deformation.
  • The hidden connector allows for the aesthetic shaping of the covered surface.
  • Folding the lower and upper part of the zipper makes it much stiffer.
  • The closing flap protects the panel lock against water penetration from the eaves and ridge.
  • The bending of the metal sheet in the external lock allows for multiple assembly and disassembly of panels without the risk of damage.
  • Thanks to the range of anti-corrosion coatings available, the panel can always be adapted to local environmental conditions.
  • Several possibilities of joining the panels: in a horizontal and vertical arrangement, individually or joined in length - staggered or       "chessboard".
  • Various variants of profiles and a wide range of colors allow the panel to give the roof many views and styles.



It is possible to order panels:

DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating, with an absorbency of up to 830 g/m2 of water, helps keep moisture and condensation that occur under roofing materials out. The use of DR!PSTOP coating and the retention of this amount of water translates directly into the durability of the roof. The DRIPSTOP coating  provides resistance to bacteria, has a fire reaction class of A2-s2,d0 (EN 13501-1) and provides additional corrosion protection.   


SOUNDCONTROL acoustic coating is a solution to reduce storm, rain and wind noise by about 7dB.   

Click-panel roofing installed especially on roofs with lower pitches can generate noise during wind, storms and heavy rainfall. In the case of a properly insulated attic lined with heavy materials, this noise should not be particularly noticeable, although individual sensitivity to sound or the specific location of the roof in relation to the surrounding terrain may prompt many of us to seek additional protection. One solution is SOUNDCONTROL acoustic coating, which attenuates sound by up to about 7 dB*. To our knowledge, this is currently the only confirmed solution with a guarantee of soundproofing at the declared level.   


*(based on research at: Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP Abteilung Akustik, Nobelstr. 12 | 70569 Stuttgart | Germany 



product main image product main image (small)




 Elegant 2.0 standing seam panel with concealed fasteners

Panel effective width [mm]

 300, 510

Lock profile height [mm]


Min. length [mm]


Max. length [mm]

 10 000

End undercut and bend [mm]

 2 mm; 35 mm

Seam closing flap


Sheet thickness [mm]

 0.5 (0.6 and 0.7 on request)

Steel grade



SP Polyester 25 μm, SP Polyester Matt Pearl 35 μm, Cesar 55


 Plain, micro-wave, double-wide lining, double grooved

Weight [kg/m2]

 approx. 4,5

Technical requirements

 CE per PN-EN 14782:2008

Minimum roof slope

 8° (14%)

Batten spacing [mm]

 250 mm max. or use blind boarding


Double wide-lining



Double grooved

Elegant 2.0 - standing seam panel

New lock design

300 mm width

510 mm width


Elegant 2.0 - the new solutions

The panel is available in two widths - 300 and 510 mm.

The panel can be up to 10 m long. Therefore, it's used also on the facade.

The new design of the lock improves the tightness of the roof and eliminates the risk of corrosion.

The panel is undercut and folded, and its cut edge is hidden.

The plug additionally protects the lock against water penetration. It also affects the perfect appearance of the system.

The seam panels can be produced in the full range of coatings: SP25, Mat Pearl SP35, Cesar55 and Cesar 65.


SP Polyester 25 μm

Learn more about cover

1003 signal yellow

1015 light ivory

3000 flame red

3011 brown red

3016 coral red

5003 blue sapphire

5010 gentian blue

6005 moss green

6011 reseda green

6018 green yellow

6020 chrome green

7012 basalt grey

7016 anthracite grey

7024 graphite grey

7035 light grey

7040 window grey

7047 telegrey 4

8004 copper brown

8012 red brown

8017 chocolate brown

8019 grey brown

9002 grey white

9005 jet black

9006 silver metalic

9007 grey aluminium

9010 pure white

SP Polyester Matt Pearl 35 μm

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3301M brown red

6490M chrome green

7016M anthracite grey

7591M graphite grey

8019M grey brown

8620M copper brown

8637M chocolate brown

9005M jet black

Cesar 55

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7016 anthracite grey

8017 chocolate brown

9005 jet black

9006 silver metalic

9007 grey aluminium

9010 pure white


Product declarations and certificates

Declaration of Performance: Elegant 2.0 standing seam panel
Declaration of Performance: Elegant 2.0 standing seam panel (280.27 KB)
Hygiene Certificate: coated sheet products (EN)
Hygiene Certificate: coated sheet products (EN) (586.47 KB)

General catalogues & price lists

Balex Metal Product Catalogue
Balex Metal Product Catalogue (31.47 MB)


Installation Manual: Elegant 2.0 standing seam panels (EN)
Installation Manual: Elegant 2.0 standing seam panels (EN) (3.89 MB)

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