Thermano Fiber Pir thermal insulation panels

Thermano Fiber is a thermal insulating material for livestock buildings, including pigsties, hen houses and cow houses. These sandwich panels feature a hard PIR foam core to provide superior thermal insulation performance and to ensure complete health and safety for humans and animals. Prime feature of Thermano Fiber: its superior strength. This is provided by a special inner cladding of GFR (glass fibre reinforced) polyester resin. This material allows safe cleaning of the sandwich panels with high pressure washers and protects the panels against handling damage during transport and installation. The hard PIR foam features an extremely high compressive strength of 200 kPa, which further reduces the risk of damage.

The sandwich panels have a great resistance to VOC (volatile organic compounds) and infestation from vermin, including insects, rodents and martens.

The hard PIR foam boasts great thermal insulating power, allowing the use of thinner thermal insulation layers, unlike with other thermal insulation materials.

The thermal comfort achieved with Thermano Fiber provides many advantages in animal breeding:

  • Better productivity and profitability in animal rearing
  • Maximum lactation yield and stable body mass build-up
  • Optimum utilisation of feed value
  • Eliminated heat stress in summer
  • Lower disease incidence rate among the animals
  • Longer storage of crops
  • Minimised daily temperature variations
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 Thermano Fiber

Lock types



One side: unsaturated GFR polyester resin with enhanced mechanical strength; other side: multi-layered, with aluminium cladding

Overall width [mm]


Module coverage width [mm]


PIR foam thickness [mm]

 50, 60, 80

Maximum length [mm]


Age-weighted thermal conductivity coefficient, λ [W/mK]


Bulk density [kg/m³]


Relative diffusion resistance, μ




Compression strength

 min. 200 kPa (10% deformation)

Fire reaction class

 Euroclass F (EN ISO 11925-2)


 CE (EN 13165:2001)



The primary material used in the manufacture of Thermano Fiber sandwich panels is polyisocyanurate (PIR), which is used to form the panel core. The outer surface is protected by a gas-tight cladding, while the inner surface is finished with a GFR polyester resin layer. The structure of the Thermano Fiber sandwich panel ensures stable thermal insulation characteristics for a very long time.

The Thermano PIR core is formed by polymerisation of its two main components, polyols and isocyanates, with additional modifiers. The PIR core is a closed cell structure, which means that the material is an essential barrier to capillary wicking of water and steam (water vapour) diffusion.

Thermano panels exhibit excellent mechanical performance, durability, low absorbability and other physical and chemical characteristics, making the material suitable for applications in even the most demanding of construction environments.

Lambda λ [W/mK] 

Thickness [mm]

Heat transfer coefficient U [W/m2K] 

Resistance R [m2K/W]














Panel joints

Basic lock (straight edge)

Thermano Fiber as soffit panels

The idea behind the soffit application of Thermano Fiber sandwich panels with GFR polyester resin cladding in livestock buildings was to meet several major expectations of project owners, including: - high chemical resistance; - high impact damage resistance; - easy sanitation with professional pressure cleaners and detergents; - quick and easy installation; - a sense of hygiene and high aesthetic values

Optional installation accessories for Thermano Fiber

H joint profile

C joint profile

Fastening hanger


Product declarations and certificates

Declaration of Performance: Thermano Agro Fiberglass (EN)
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