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Thermano Roof PIR thermal insulation panels


Thermano is a revolution in the thermal insulation industry. A single panel provides almost twice the thermal insulation level of EPS or mineral wool layers of the same thickness.
Polyurethane thermal insulation is also safe and does not absorb water, which makes it perfect for projects intended for decades of operation. 

The Thermano panels are true application all-rounders. They can be installed as thermal insulation for floors, cavity walls, flat roofs, green roofs, and pitched roofs. Another great advantage of Thermano insulation installed on pitched roofs is that it can be laid over the rafters to eliminate all potential thermal bridges.


Features of Thermano panels:

  • High compressive strength (20 t/m2)
  • Rigidity: Maintains the thermal insulation performance for years
  • Low weight: The relatively low profile thickness and small density of the panel material reduce the overall roof weight, which can help reduce the load-bearing structure costs by 15 to 20%.


Reference items

Riviera Mall

The Riviera mall in Gdynia is one of the largest shopping malls in Poland.

A building of this size needs a tremendous energy input to maintain the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. The project owner chose Thermano panels to achieve this objective.

The roof system was completed with box profile sheets from Balex Metal.



THERMANO panels are available in two basic size versions: the standard 2400 x 1200 mm panels and the smaller 1200 x 600 mm format. The Thermano panels can also be ordered in custom lengths.

Segment Residental, Commercial, Agricultural
Name Thermano: PIR thermal insulation panels
Lock (panel joint) types TOP (overlapping)
Cladding Multi-layered, with aluminium skin
Overall width [mm] 1200
Module coverage width [mm] 1185
PIR foam thickness [mm] 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 125 / 140 / 150 / 160
Standard length [mm] 600 (small panels); 2400 (standard panels)
Adjustable length [mm] max 5000
Thermal conductivity coefficient, λ [W/mK] 0,023
Bulk density [kg/m³] 30
Water vapour resistance [μ] 50-100
Compressive strength Compressive strength at 200 kPa (20 t/m²) and 10% deformation
Fire reaction class Euroclass E, ref. EN ISO 11925-2
Certificates CE ref. 13165:2001; Directive 2012/31/EU compliant
Module coverage length [mm] 585 (small panels); 2385 (standard panels)

The chief material used in the production of Thermano panels is polyisocyanurate (PIR), secured on both sides with a gas-tight cladding, comprising several polymer layers and aluminium foil.

The high gas-tightness of Thermano panels ensures stability of the thermal insulating parameters over long periods of time, unlike other polyurethane-based materials without the cladding, i.e. spray-applied (in situ) materials.

The Thermano PIR core is formed by polymerisation of its two main components, polyols and isocyanates, with additional modifiers. The PIR core is a closed cell structure, which means that the material is an essential barrier to capillary wicking of the water and steam (water vapour) diffusion.

Thermano panels exhibit excellent mechanical performance, durability, low absorbability and other physical and chemical characteristics which mark the material out for application in even the most demanding construction environments.

Thermano thickness vs. thermal insulation ratings

                                                 THERMANO                                                  THICKNESS
                                         d [mm]

U [W/m⋅K]

R [m⋅K/W]

 λ=0,23 [W/mK] 40 0,58  1,74 
 50 0,46  2,17 
60 0,38  2,61 
80 0,29  3,48 
100 0,23  4,35 
120 0,19  5,22 
125 0,18 5,43 
140 0,16  6,09 
150 0,15 6,55 
160 0,14  7,00 

Panel joint types

TOP lock (overlapping)

MASTER lock (tongue & groove)

Whole building thermal insulation

Pitched roof thermal insulation

The panels are a perfect thermal insulation system for pitched roofs, for new and refurbished buildings.

The unique advantage of Thermano is in their installation variants: over the rafter, under the rafter and in-rafter

Flat roof thermal insulation

Thermano is a perfect thermal insulation system for flat roofs of both new and refurbished buildings. The insulating panels can be installed on all load-bearing surfaces, including rafters, box profile sheets and concrete slab floors.

Green roof thermal insulation

Thermano is a perfect thermal insulation system for traditional green roofs, both extensive (with moss, lichens, herbs, and grass) and intensive (shrubbery, small trees and large trees).

Cavity wall thermal insulation

Thermano is an excellent thermal insulation layer for cavity walls and basement walls in new and renovated buildings.

Floor thermal insulation

Thermano is a perfect choice for the thermoinsulating layer for heated and unheated floors, as well as balconies, patios, and even the most demanding insulated horizontal structures: patios over heated rooms.

The outer layer of Thermano panels is made of aluminium, which reflects and directs the heat from floor heating systems into the building interior.

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