Elegant 2.0 is an improved version of its predecessor - the proven Elegant system. When designing the panel, technical comments from many contractors were also taken into account. That is why it is extremely easy to install.

The length of a single panel is max. 10 meters and has multiple uses. It can be mounted as a roof covering but also used as a shielding element on the facade.

Universal, timeless look

The 2.0 version of the standing seam panel is one of those roof coverings that have a hard-to-reach, timeless character. Elegant 2.0 was created with the thought that the classics do not get old and will always be an inspiration for contemporary architects.

Thanks to the Elegant 2.0 system, the roof can change the face of any building - from minimalist residences and modern housing estates to historic tenement houses. The panel will be perfect for such projects as the revitalization of historic buildings, or renovation of buildings that change their aesthetics by 180 degrees. It gives the whole body a simple and noble line.

Profiling, coatings, and colors - one product, many styles

The special profiling of the panels ensures stiffness and resistance. It also determines the high decorative value of the entire system. On the other hand, various variants of sheet metal profiles mean that one product can give the roof many views and styling. The appearance of the roof depends on the choice of profiling, which may have completely different faces.

The seam panels can be produced in the full range of coatings available in Balex Metal: SP25, Mat Pearl SP35, Cesar55.

The diverse range of anti-corrosion coatings of Elegant 2.0 allows the roof to be adapted to specific microclimatic conditions so that the roof is exceptionally solid and durable. Finally, each client will receive a roof with optimal anti-corrosion protection, matched to individual needs.

The system is available in a wide range of colors. Currently, its varieties of gray are very popular. They are classic and at the same time emphasize the modern character of the buildings.

Lots of technical advantages

Elegant 2.0 was designed in close cooperation with experienced professionals. This includes roofers that contributed to making Elegant 2.0 unique. Not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of assembly technology, strength, resistance to corrosion, and deformation.

The technological quality of the standing seam panel is determined by such important elements as:

  • Concealed fastening that prevents screws from being exposed to the weather.
  • New lock design improves roof tightness and security for all weather conditions. Eliminates the risk of corrosion for hidden fasteners.
  • Special slotted holes provide the proper fixing of the panels. They enable the thermal operation of panels while protecting them against deformation.
  • The panel is undercut and bent at the ends, thanks to which its cut edge is hidden, the installation of flashings is easier, and the possibility of blowing water under the panel is eliminated.


Important assembly techniques

The panel is available in two widths: 300 mm and 510 mm. Its minimum length is 400 mm, and the maximum is 10,000 mm. You can also decide individually about the sheet thickness, between 0.50; 0.60, and 0.70 mm.

When designing the panel, the technical comments and installation experience of many contractors were taken into account. Therefore, it is extremely easy to install. All works are carried out quickly and consist of three steps: place, close, align.

As a roof covering, the seam panel is mounted:

  • on patches
  • on full boarding (according to the slope of the roof slope)


An increasingly fashionable panel on the facade

The panel can be mounted on the facade as a cover element. Then there are several installation options:

  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • as a continuous element
  • as an element connected along its length
  • passing
  • on the chessboard

The length of the panel up to 10 m allows it to be placed even on the walls of 3-story buildings. Such long panels not only provide an extraordinary aesthetic effect but also prevent stains, deformation, or undulation of the panel surface. Additionally, it is very easy to clean.