Pig building: Thermano Agro thermal insulation



Located in the Mazowieckie province, this pig building had a floor area of 2,000 m2.

This was a typical livestock building, with an interior classically partitioned into four rooms for housing animals.

Approximately 2400 pigs can be reared inside in very comfortable conditions, thanks to the numerous skylights and a highly efficient ventilation system.

The comfort and thermal performance of the building relies highly on the soffit system based on 50-mm thick Thermano Agro panels.

Thermano Agro helps maintain optimum indoor temperatures and effectively protects the animals from extreme temperatures. A stable thermal environment eliminates the risk of thermal stress, which can be highly detrimental to the animal rearing process.

The added value of Thermano Agro panels with the PIR core includes that they are completely impervious to corrosion by organic compounds and they can be cleaned with pressure cleaners.

The project was completed with the following materials from Balex Metal: