Time for another application of PIR panels for thermal insulation. Thermano Floor is a product that will surely win the hearts of many designers, builders, and installers. And users will gain not only an insulator with excellent parameters but also great attributes of the material intended for floors, walls, and ceilings in the formwork structure.

Thermano panels in various sizes and thicknesses are a response to the demand for large commercial and industrial facilities, as well as for individual investments, such as apartments, houses, or garages.

As always, excellent parameters of PIR insulation panels

Thermano panels have accustomed us to excellent thermal insulation parameters, i.e. the value of the heat conductivity coefficient at a very good level. Additionally, in the case of Thermano, there is always an aging lambda. Its value will be exactly that after the material has been installed. Thermano Floor has the best aging lambda on the market 0.022 W / mK.

Additionally, these parameters are maintained while minimizing the thickness of the slab. It is about two times the difference compared to traditional thermal insulators. By using Thermano Floor with a thickness of 30 mm, we ensure the parameters of an insulator with  50 or even 60 mm. Thanks to this you can gain additional usable space. The installation of panels is also possible in difficult, pokey places.

High compressive strength and more

The boards prevent cracks on the floor. Their compressive strength of approx. 15 t / m2 is also one of the highest strength parameters on the market.

Thermano Floor is designed for areas that are heavily used. These can include:

  • corridors and other types of communication routes,
  • service rooms with intensive use and a large concentration of employees or customers,
  • garage halls and garages.

PIR thermal insulation panels with an underfloor heating system

The installation of PIR panels significantly reduces heat loss directly at the heating source. Thermano Floor has an outer aluminized lining that serves as a screen for underfloor heating. It ensures greater efficiency of the floor heating, which in turn translates into lower bills.

Thermano Floor is recommended for the installation of underfloor heating. Insulation with PIR panels makes this type of heating much more effective. Thermano Floor plates are also much thinner than traditional insulators.

When it comes to underfloor heating, there are also two quite important things. A material that can be easily and quickly placed on the floor is always sought. The second is its thickness. Finishing materials also have their requirements and take up the surface in thickness. Thermano will ensure that the floor, along with the installation and finishing elements, is not set too high.

Thermano is practically insensitive to water. Its impermeability guarantees safety and maintains parameters in the event of flooding. This feature completes the entire set of attributes that make Thermano Floor an indispensable material for all types of flooring.

Floor, and other applications

Thanks to Thermano Floor, you can gain up to 15% of usable space.

Thermano plates are also recommended for use in wall applications in conjunction with concrete and reinforced concrete. Formwork works can be carried out very quickly. In this case, the use of Thermano Floor also means a much thinner wall and additional usable space. You can gain up to 15% of the area.

A wide range of dimensions

Thermano Floor panels are available in two basic variants:

  • standard boards with dimensions of 2400 x 1200 mm,
  • their smaller counterpart with dimensions of 1200 x 600 mm

The size of the Thermano boards facilitates installation work and significantly reduces the duration of all works.

However, it is also possible to order plates of non-standard length - they can be up to 5000 mm. The size of the thermal insulation boards facilitates assembly work, which is quick and easy. On the other hand, the thickness of the core is crucial for those places where you want to save as much space as possible. The available thicknesses will certainly allow the panels to be adapted to specific needs and applications: 60, 75, 100, and 120 mm.

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