Sopot Hippodrome: Box profile sheet



The Sopot Hippodrome is both a landmark of this city by the sea and a vacation spot in one. The Hippodrome was built over 100 years ago and has been used as a venue for riding events.

The ageing infrastructure of the Hippodrome finally forced its management to commission a top-down renovation. The project was completed successfully with the help of EU funding.

However, it was a difficult task for the contractors. The biggest challenge was the refurbishment of the manège, an indoor space totalling 7,000 m2. The project work also included alterations to the stable stalls. These were retrofitted with EPS and PUR sandwich panels. PUR sandwich panels always generate great savings by reducing the heating costs required to maintain the required levels of thermal comfort in the stables.

The retrofitting of the Hippodrome included certain subtle changes to the architectural design. Once made of timber, the Hippodrome now utilises glass and steel, giving a modern, spacious feel.

The project was completed with the following materials from Balex Metal: