Balex Metal presents another new product - PIR Fiberglass roof sandwich panel - a solution that is particularly important for customers in the agricultural industry.

PIR Fiberglass is one of the most practical and usable roof sandwich panels. It is used for roofing buildings where the load-bearing capacity parameters are not the only and the most important utility indicator.

As always, we inform about the aging lambda

The plate has a hard polyurethane foam core, which determines the heat conduction parameters. In this case, they are at the level of 0.026-0.028 W/mK, which means that the lambda will remain at this level after the panel is installed in the facility.

The plate in this release will significantly facilitate maintaining a constant temperature inside the building. This is of great importance in the storage of crops, where it is the air conditions at a constant level that determine whether agricultural products will maintain their quality and properties.

A novelty based on proven solutions

The PIR Fiberglass roof sandwich panel is based on already tested and proven solutions - including products such as Thermano Agro Fiberglass or PIR Alu half sandwich panel.

The outer layer of the board is a trapezoidal cladding. Such profiling improves the load-bearing capacity parameters and increases the tightness of the roof covered with it. An additional advantage is its lightness - the speed and ease of assembly make it a great material for carrying out instant thermal modernization works. On the other hand, the inner layer determines the special character of the board - the highest resistance and durability. It is equipped with a fiberglass lining made of polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber.

Fiberglass is a material well known and used, for example, in the construction of boats, sailboats, and yachts. It is extremely resistant to any corrosion and provides excellent protection against volatile organic compounds. Equally important, the PIR Fiberglass board also maintains increased resistance to pests such as birds, insects, and rodents.

The durability and impermeability of the PIR Fiberglass roof sandwich panel allow for the regular use of professional high-pressure washers. Therefore, the board allows meeting the increased hygiene requirements that are subject to, among other livestock buildings.

Thermomodernization - quick assembly, the optimal solution

If there is a need to quickly renovate the roof and resign from the roof in the form of a trapezoidal sheet, PIR Fiberglass can be a bull's eye. The panel, in addition to serving as the (external) roof, will also allow you to take care of hygiene and meet all the requirements for livestock or storage buildings.

This solution is also important when the investor wants to maintain the building's cubature - the PIR Fiberglass roof panel allows the building surface to be kept at the current level. Additionally, to maintain the thermal insulation continuity, the roof panel can be connected, for example, with the PIR Standard wall sandwich panel. Covering the walls from the outside will allow you to get the full benefits of a "thermos" regardless of weather conditions. And the anti-corrosion coating will ensure the durability of the plate for many years.

If you are interested in solutions with the use of PIR Fiberglass roof sandwich panels, contact Balex Metal Sales Representative.

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